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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Cabbage - Chinese Chinese Blues F1 large, barrel shaped head, disease and bolt resistant
Cabbage - Chinese Wa Wa Sai baby cabbage weighing 300-500gms. Matures approx 60 days from planting,with a sweet flavour, can be sown all season
Cabbage - Dutch White Holland Late Winter large white, long keeper, ideal for coleslaw, crops November onwards
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Brunswick large, round heads on short stems, long standing, excellent cabbage to grow for exhibition for size
Cabbage - Early/Mid season Cabbice F1 round, super sweet, and thick crunchy leaves, weighing up to 2k, ideal for salads
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Derby Day ball head, few outer leaves, crops June - July
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Golden Acre ball-head, early variety, ready June - July
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Greyhound early, pointed, firm heads, excellent flavour, crops July - September
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Kalibos pointed red cabbage, which is ideal for salads and pickles, may not hold its colour when cooked
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Kilaton F1 club root resistant cabbage, compact, reliable & uniformed, high yields 2-5kg with green heads
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Primo firm round heads on short stems, cut July - September
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Red Devil F1 fast growing, medium size heads, with short core, and very curled tight heads
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Red Drumhead large red pickling variety, heading July onwards
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Sherwood F1 Summer/Autumn ballhead, round solid heads with short core, holds well, 110 days maturity, harvest August/September, incredibly sweet flavour
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Spring Hero F1 Japanese ball head, cut May - June
Cabbage - Early/Mid Season Stonehead late Summer, medium size, bright green round variety
Cabbage - Savoy Best of All early, large heads, compact variety
Cabbage - Savoy Endeavour F1 crops November - March, good round heads
Cabbage - Savoy Ormskirk very hardy, late variety, to cut March
Cabbage - Savoy Providence dark green uniformed heads, up to 1.2 kilos, good vigour. Ready October-January
Cabbage - Savoy Resolution high quality Savoy with dense heads, not too big, holds well, disease resistance, ready November - February
Cabbage - Savoy Traviata F1 high quality heads, not over large, disease resistant ready November - February
Cabbage - Savoy Vertus round, flat heads & a mild flavour, weighing 1-3 kilos
Cabbage - Season Pack Collection 1 standard pack of each of :- Advantage, Derby Day, Sherwood and Marabel to cover the season
Cabbage - Spring April very early, compact, Spring cutting, pointed variety

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