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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Tomato Stoners Exhibition excellent for showing, with old fashioned flavour,
Tomato Sun Baby yellow cherry type, high acid & sugar levels, well flavoured, heavy cropping, for heated or cold glasshouses
Tomato Sungold F1 sweet, small-fruited on cascading trusses, thin-skinned skin with deep orange fruits, heavy crop for glasshouse or outside
Tomato Super Sweet 100 F1 long trusses of early, cherry red fruits, with a very sweet flavour
Tomato Sweet Millions extremely popular with lots of long trusses, approx. 30, very sweet, cherry-like fruits per truss
Tomato Sweet Olive F1 outdoor hybrid,baby plum type, small fruits with excellent flavour, fruits approx 10g, will require staking & minimal pruning
Tomato The Amateur bush variety, medium size fruit
Tomato Tigerella striped fruit with a good shape and flavour
Tomato Tornado F1 small fruited, outdoor, no staking/pinching out required
Tomato Totem F1 a dwarf variety with small red fruit, no pinching out required, ideal for pots & tubs
Tomato Tumbler F1 variety bred for hanging baskets & pots, well flavoured cherry
Tomato Tumbling Tom - Red fully trailing with cherry type fruit, superb flavour, excellent for baskets, tubs etc.
Tomato Tumbling Tom - Yellow fully trailing cherry type, superb taste, excellent for baskets tubs etc.
Tomato Typhoon F1 early, high yield & quality, medium size
Tomato Venus lovely bright orange fruit, bred for window sills, pots & tubs, 6-8cm fruits, excellent flavour
Tomato Zlatava F1 fruits are round to heart shaped, orange on the outside and red inside, excellent flavour, 80g fruits
Tomato - Heritage Black Russian rich mahogany-coloured fruit, of medium size, with a very nice flavour, suitable for outside or glasshouse culture
Tomato - Heritage Bloody Butcher strong rich flavour, dark red fruits, medium size, finest flavour beefsteak, heavy cropper, potato like leaves, good flavour
Tomato - Heritage Brandywine Red finest flavoured beefsteak, with red fruit, heavy cropper, potato-like leaves
Tomato - Heritage Cherokee Purple a deep dusky-purple/pink colour, with large fruits & a good flavour
Tomato - Heritage Cherry Falls an early variety, ideal for baskets & pots, bright red fruits with an excellent very sweet flavour, to harvest from June onwards
Tomato - Heritage Mixture a mixture of our heritage varieties, giving a wide selection of plants
Tomato - Heritage Red Zebra large fire engine red coloured fruits overlaid with golden stripes, excellent flavour
Tomato - Heritage Snow Cherry Creamy - yellow on the outside and white flesh on the inside, fruity flavour
Tomato - Heritage Striped Stuffer firm, thick walled, with yellow stripes, average weight 200g, keeps up to 4 weeks in the fridge

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