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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Tomato The Amateur bush variety, medium size fruit
Tomato Tigerella striped fruit with a good shape and flavour
Tomato Totem F1 a dwarf variety with small red fruit, no pinching out required, ideal for pots & tubs
Tomato Tumbler F1 variety bred for hanging baskets & pots, well flavoured cherry
Tomato Tumbling Tom - Red fully trailing with cherry type fruit, superb flavour, excellent for baskets, tubs etc.
Tomato Tumbling Tom - Yellow fully trailing cherry type, superb taste, excellent for baskets tubs etc.
Tomato Typhoon F1 early, high yield & quality, medium size
Tomato Zlatava F1 fruits are round to heart shaped, orange on the outside and red inside, excellent flavour, 80g fruits
Tomato - Heritage Black Russian rich mahogany-coloured fruit, of medium size, with a very nice flavour, suitable for outside or glasshouse culture
Tomato - Heritage Bloody Butcher strong rich flavour, dark red fruits, medium size, finest flavour beefsteak, heavy cropper, potato like leaves, good flavour
Tomato - Heritage Brandywine Red finest flavoured beefsteak, with red fruit, heavy cropper, potato-like leaves
Tomato - Heritage Cherry Falls an early variety, ideal for baskets & pots, bright red fruits with an excellent very sweet flavour, to harvest from June onwards
Tomato - Heritage Mixture a mixture of our heritage varieties, giving a wide selection of plants
Tomato - Heritage Red Zebra large fire engine red coloured fruits overlaid with golden stripes, excellent flavour
Tomato - Heritage Snow Cherry Creamy - yellow on the outside and white flesh on the inside, fruity flavour
Tomato - Heritage Striped Stuffer firm, thick walled, with yellow stripes, average weight 200g, keeps up to 4 weeks in the fridge
Tomato - Heritage Sweet Aperitif a very sweet, open pollinated cherry tomato high yields of 10-15g fruits
Tomato/Flower Food Excellent for tomato and most flowers. 1 back makes 70-80 galls, of top quality food
Turnip Falco F1 Purple top suitable for baby veg and for growing over winter under glass and outside in summer
Turnip Golden Ball hardy, yellow fleshed, good keeper
Turnip Green Top Stone hardy, with green top and white flesh
Turnip Milan Purple Top hardy, purple skin, white flesh
Turnip Snowball white skinned, early, quick growing
Turnip Sweet Bell F1 A unique variety with an exquisite taste, small and white fleshed, with purple tops, nice for salads and stir fries, as well as boiled or steamed
Turnip Tokyo White Cross F1 very early, versatile, small white fruit, sow Spring to Autumn, smooth & slightly globe shaped

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