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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Squash - Winter Table Star compact, acorn type, high sugar content, dark green, with orange coloured flesh, weighing approx. 500g - 1kilo
Squash - Winter Turks Turban turban shaped, edible/ornamental large fruit which store well, red/orange/cream
Squash - Winter Vegetable Spaghetti high yields of buff fruits up 3kg in weight ideal ideal for home-grown spaghetti-like vegatable
Strawberry Alexandria alpine variety with bright red fruits
Strawberry Temptation sweet, large fruited variety
Swede Acme Purple Top a very poplar yellow fleshed variety
Swede Best of All global type, purple skin, high yield
Swede Helenor F1 good globe shape with deep colour with a neat neck and root, excellent quality, sweet tasting flesh
Swede Invitation club root and mildew resistant, purple topped, very uniformed, and with large leaves help that weed suppression
Swede Marian global type, club root resistant, good quality
Sweetcorn All varieties Because all sweetcorn seed must be fresh, we are unable to supply any until it comes in. This will be in sometime in October - depending upon the harvest time of the seeds. Once the seed has arrived you will be able to view our range of 13 varieties of sweetcorn.
Swiss Chard Bright Lights multicoloured, yellow/orange/pink & white, 50cm tall, use from 28 days
Swiss Chard Ruby Red stunning red with deep coloured veins, widely used in supermarket salad packs
Swiss Chard Silver or Seakale large white stems with broad leaves
Tomato Ailsa Craig good flavour medium size very old variety
Tomato Akron F1 suitable for greenhouse and outside, tasty red fruits, 135/145g, resistant to splitting, pick when fully ripe and it will keep 8-10 weeks, replaces Vanessa
Tomato Alicante high yield, good flavoured, non green back
Tomato Auriga F1 early, orange fruiting, with high yields, good shape and a nice flavour
Tomato Balcony Red mini-bush with clusters of red fruit & very attractive foliage, bred for pots etc.
Tomato Beefmaster extra large, uniform fruits, very sweet
Tomato Big Boy F1 large, fleshy fruit, up to 1kg in weight
Tomato Big Daddy F1 indoor, round, meaty ruby-red fruits, approx. 750gm, break through in taste & yields, disease resistant, maturity in approx. 78 days
Tomato Big Green F1 a nice size bright green tomato, that remains green, it has a fantastic flavour when cooked
Tomato Big League F1 large, tasty fruits, 320-650gm, no pinching out needed, ideal in unheated greenhouse or patio
Tomato Black Cherry dark mahogany in colour, rich and very sweet, firm crisp fruits ideal for under glass/outdoor

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