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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Sweetcorn Northern Sweet the earliest of all, long cobs with 14 rows of grains 150cm tall
Sweetcorn Ovation mid season, large cobs, good vigour
Sweetcorn Season Pack a supersweet pack consisting of a standard pack of 1 each of Swift, Lark & Goldcrest, which if sown at the same time will give early, mid & late maturity, to cover the season
Sweetcorn Sundance standard sugar type, refined cobs, dark green leaves, vigorous, particularly in cold seasons
Sweetcorn Swift F1 first early, very heavy cobs, extra tender with improved eating quality, superb taste & texture
Swiss Chard Bright Lights multicoloured, yellow/orange/pink & white, 50cm tall, use from 28 days
Swiss Chard Ruby Red stunning red with deep coloured veins, widely used in supermarket salad packs
Swiss Chard Silver or Seakale large white stems with broad leaves
Tomato Ailsa Craig good flavour medium size very old variety
Tomato Akron F1 suitable for greenhouse and outside, tasty red fruits, 135/145g, resistant to splitting, pick when fully ripe and it will keep 8-10 weeks, replaces Vanessa
Tomato Alicante high yield, good flavoured, non green back
Tomato Balcony Red mini-bush with clusters of red fruit & very attractive foliage, bred for pots etc.
Tomato Beefmaster extra large, uniform fruits, very sweet
Tomato Big Boy F1 large, fleshy fruit, up to 1kg in weight
Tomato Big Daddy F1 indoor, round, meaty ruby-red fruits, approx. 750gm, break through in taste & yields, disease resistant, maturity in approx. 78 days
Tomato Big Green F1 a nice size bright green tomato, that remains green, it has a fantastic flavour when cooked
Tomato Big League F1 large, tasty fruits, 320-650gm, no pinching out needed, ideal in unheated greenhouse or patio
Tomato Black Cherry dark mahogany in colour, rich and very sweet, firm crisp fruits ideal for under glass/outdoor
Tomato Brassero early cherry type with an abundance of fruit on bushy plants, very tasty
Tomato Cherry Pie Collection a packet of each of the cherry varieties - black cherry, gold cherry, red cherry & snow cherry
Tomato Cossack F1 (alternative to Shirley) heavy cropper of good quality, even-sized fruit, may be grown under glass or outside
Tomato Ferline blight resistant for garden or greenhouse, good flavour, heavy crops, average fruit size 150g
Tomato First in the Field good vigorous outdoor variety
Tomato Floridity F1 plum type, up to 35 fruits per cluster, best grown under glass, but can be grown outside, if weather is suitable, good disease resistance, sow Feb-May
Tomato Garden Pearl excellent for hanging baskets and containers, produces around 2-3 kilos per plant

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