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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Broccoli - sprouting Summer Purple (Red Early) the first sprouting broccoli to mature, between late June - October, well-formed purple spears
Broccoli - sprouting White Star late, white flowered variety, quality spears, March - April
Broccoli / Brussels Flower Sprout Brussel/Broccoli cross with frilly purplish rosettes covering stems
Brussels Sprouts Bitesize F1 sweet-tasting, mid-green coloured, buttons that remain small and will keep firm over a long standing period
Brussels Sprouts Bosworth F1 mid season, dark green, sweet tasting buttons, excellent holding ability
Brussels Sprouts Bridge F1 dark tight buttons, good for freezing, nice flavour, ready from November onwards, ideal for Xmas
Brussels Sprouts Brigitte F1 an early variety with medium sized buttons, with an excellent flavour, ideal in any firm soil
Brussels Sprouts Brodie F1 Very sweet flavoured buttons, to harvest from November to February.
Brussels Sprouts Content outstanding flavour, holds well, with an extended harvest, suitable in all soil types, medium height
Brussels Sprouts Crispus F1 early, club root resistant variety, with small dark buttons, good vigour and standing ability
Brussels Sprouts Cromwell F1 tall & erect with heavy crops of dark buttons, good flavour, mid season
Brussels Sprouts Diablo smooth, good flavour, excellent quality, crops October - December
Brussels Sprouts Evesham Special early, good firm sprouts
Brussels Sprouts Fillbasket Bedford large solid buttons, ready October - December
Brussels Sprouts Maximus F1 nearest to Peer Gynt, early well spaced sweet buttons, good resistance to disease
Brussels Sprouts Montgomery F1 high-yielding, mid-late season, good flavour
Brussels Sprouts Napoleon F1 Winter, high yielding variety, with quality sweet tasting buttons, for harvesting January to February
Brussels Sprouts Nautic F1 medium-tall variety, with well spaced buttons, excellent flavour, cropping November-January
Brussels Sprouts Red Bull good-size red sprouts, colour better in cold weather
Brussels Sprouts Rubine Red a red sprout with good flavour and colour
Brussels Sprouts Topline well flavoured, tall, mid-late season, for any soil `
Brussels Sprouts Trafalgar F1 tall, mid-late season, smooth medium sprouts
Brussels Sprouts Vittoria very late, good flavour, quality crops February - April
Brussels Sprouts Wellington F1 late, crops December - March, mildew resistant variety
Cabbage - Autumn/Winter Celtic F1 late ball head, very hardy, crops November - January

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