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FastraX perennials will all bloom in the first year
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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Squash - Winter Ponca earliest maturing butternut type, nice size, rich orange in colour
Squash - Winter Sweet Max F1 early maturing, with large fruits and a good flavour and colour, approximately 3kg (3.2lbs)
Squash - Winter Table Ace F1 winter type dark green acorn-shape up to 1kg with a nutty flavour, bush type plants
Squash - Winter Table Star compact, acorn type, high sugar content, dark green, with orange coloured flesh, weighing approx. 500g - 1kilo
Squash - Winter Turks Turban turban shaped, edible/ornamental large fruit which store well, red/orange/cream
Squash - Winter Vegetable Spaghetti high yields of buff fruits up 3kg in weight ideal ideal for home-grown spaghetti-like vegatable
Strawberry Alexandria alpine variety with bright red fruits
Strawberry Temptation sweet, large fruited variety
Swede Acme Purple Top a very poplar yellow fleshed variety
Swede Best of All global type, purple skin, high yield
Swede Helenor F1 good globe shape with deep colour with a neat neck and root, excellent quality, sweet tasting flesh
Swede Invitation club root and mildew resistant, purple topped, very uniformed, and with large leaves help that weed suppression
Swede Marian global type, club root resistant, good quality
Sweet Corn Goldcrest F1 well filled cobs, with an excellent taste, strong grower, suits British climate
Sweetcorn Conqueror very late variety, adapted to the U.K, large attractive cobs of good taste & texture
Sweetcorn Earlibird F1 super sweet, high count of small grains, 180cm tall
Sweetcorn Fiesta extra early, very sweet, good holding ability
Sweetcorn Golden Gate F1 mid season, with 22cm cobs, 18-20 rows of grains, exceptionally sweet, plants medium-tall
Sweetcorn Incredible large super sweet cobs, superb eating qualities, grows up-to 2.5m tall, stays longer
Sweetcorn Lapwing F1 mid-season to late, extra tender, easy picking, 18 row cobs, good texture and taste
Sweetcorn Lark F1 mid-season, bright golden kernels, makes exceptional eating, excellent for cold soils
Sweetcorn Mini Pop special variety with mini-cobs, very good taste
Sweetcorn Miracle F1 high yields, large cobs, mid-season
Sweetcorn Northern Sweet the earliest of all, long cobs with 14 rows of grains 150cm tall
Sweetcorn Ovation mid season, large cobs, good vigour

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