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FastraX perennials will all bloom in the first year
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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Spinach Mississippi F1 for Summer production, good resistance to most diseases & dry weather
Spinach Nile F1 quick growing, both early & late Summer production, ideal for baby/full production
Spinach Trumpet F1 high yielding hybrid sow from April-September, upright with thick dark green rounded leaves
Spinach Violin F1 dark green hybrid for sowing during the Summer period (April - September), bolt resistant
Squash - Summer Lunar Eclipse light green skin, with green to white flesh
Squash - Summer Moonbeam pale green to white skin, pale green flesh
Squash - Summer Patty Pan scallop squash in a mix of white, green & yellow
Squash - Summer Sunburst bright yellow, scallop type high yielding
Squash - Winter Autumn Crown F1 an early maturing variety, with flattened round fruits, of butternut colour with orange flesh, approximate weight of 1.5kg (3.2lbs)
Squash - Winter Avalon early, British bred butternut type with a wide range of uses, high yields, butter sweet flavour
Squash - Winter Cobnut F1 a small 1 kilo butternut type, ideal for culinary use, will grow in most conditions
Squash - Winter Crown Prince F1 round, high yielding, all season variety, approx 1.5kg, blue/grey, fibreless orange flesh
Squash - Winter Early Butternut Winter, club-shaped, 0.5-1kg, tanned skin, semi-bush
Squash - Winter Gem / Rolet black-green cricket ball sized fruits, high yield
Squash - Winter Hercules F1 large fruited butternut type average 1.2kg. On compact plants with a very good colour
Squash - Winter Hornet F1 neat uniformed plants, with fruit up to 800g, & a very small seed cavity with nice flesh
Squash - Winter Hunter F1 butternut type, very good, crops up to 4 weeks longer than most squashes, weighs upto 800g - 1kg
Squash - Winter Metro F1 small attractive butternut, resistant to powdery mildew, good flavour, 4/5 fruits per plant
Squash - Winter Onion Red winter storage, 1.5 kg, orange/red, onion shaped
Squash - Winter Ponca earliest maturing butternut type, nice size, rich orange in colour
Squash - Winter Sweet Max F1 early maturing, with large fruits and a good flavour and colour, approximately 3kg (3.2lbs)
Squash - Winter Table Ace F1 winter type dark green acorn-shape up to 1kg with a nutty flavour, bush type plants
Squash - Winter Table Star compact, acorn type, high sugar content, dark green, with orange coloured flesh, weighing approx. 500g - 1kilo
Squash - Winter Turks Turban turban shaped, edible/ornamental large fruit which store well, red/orange/cream
Strawberry Alexandria alpine variety with bright red fruits

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