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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Salad Mixes French Blend includes Chervil, Chicory, Corn Salad, Lettuce Batavian & Rocket Salad
Salad Mixes High Mix Ideal mix for salads with a hint of heat includes Mustard Red,Cress Greek,Kohl Rabi, Chervil, Rocket
Salad Mixes Italian Blend includes basil sweet, basil Italian, lettuce oak leaf, rocket, texel greens
Salad Mixes Oriental Mix comprising leaf radish, red russian kale, red mustard, mizuna rocket & Tatsoi
Salad Mixes Spicy Green Mix includes Catalogna, Endive, Lettuce Red, Mustard Green, Rocket & Hon Tsai Tai
Salad Mixes Spring Mix Greek Cress, Leaf Radish Daikon, Pak Choi, Mizuna, Mustard & Tatsoi
Salad Mixes Spring/Summer Mix Pak choi, Tatsoi, Mizuna Kyoto and Golden Mustard
Salad Mixes Stir Fry Mix includes Choy Sum, kailaan, Chinese kale White, Pak Choi White, & Tatsoi
Salad Mixes Summer Mix pak choi, mizuna, mustard, salad rocket, tatsoi & cress wrinkled
Salad Mixes Summer Spicy Mix leaf radish daikon, cress wrinkled, Rocket salad & mustard red
Salsify Sandwich Island long white root, Winter use
Scorzonera very old vegetable high yield, bolt resistant
Shallot Matador rather nice mid-early, red brown shallot which is not susceptible to bolting, with good round bulbs, quality skin and long storage
Spinach Amazon F1 dark green hybrid, for sowing January to late April, & September to December, Mildew resistant
Spinach Mississippi F1 for Summer production, good resistance to most diseases & dry weather
Spinach Nile F1 quick growing, both early & late Summer production, ideal for baby/full production
Spinach Trumpet F1 high yielding hybrid sow from April-September, upright with thick dark green rounded leaves
Spinach Violin F1 dark green hybrid for sowing during the Summer period (April - September), bolt resistant
Squash - Summer Lunar Eclipse light green skin, with green to white flesh
Squash - Summer Moonbeam pale green to white skin, pale green flesh
Squash - Summer Patty Pan scallop squash in a mix of white, green & yellow
Squash - Summer Sunburst bright yellow, scallop type high yielding
Squash - Winter Autumn Crown F1 an early maturing variety, with flattened round fruits, of butternut colour with orange flesh, approximate weight of 1.5kg (3.2lbs)
Squash - Winter Cobnut F1 a small 1 kilo butternut type, ideal for culinary use, will grow in most conditions
Squash - Winter Crown Prince F1 round, high yielding, all season variety, approx 1.5kg, blue/grey, fibreless orange flesh

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