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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Pepper - Hot Cayenne long, thin & very hot, green-red chilli type fruit
Pepper - Hot Cayenne Long Slim easy to grow, under glass or outside in a sheltered position, masses of pointed fruits, green turning red, very hot, for pickling, drying or use fresh
Pepper - Hot Demon Red high yielding, green to red Thai type, 25-30cm pots or containers, indoors or out
Pepper - Hot Habenero a popular hot pepper with fruits 3.5cm x 5cm, with a unique flavour green-red in colour
Pepper - Hot Hot Lemon purple-yellow, spicy aroma, with a hint of pinewood, as hot as any Cayenne, and a unique flavour, narrow 8cm fruits
Pepper - Hot Hot Pepper Mix a mixture of colours and shapes, ideal for growing a greenhouse or on a window sill, use dried or fresh
Pepper - Hot Jalapeno F1 very hot & spicy, 7x2cm green-deep red fruit, ideal for Mexican cooking
Pepper - Hot Scotch Bonnets Mix a mixture of yellow & red colours, very hot, globular shaped fruits, fiery pungency, late, short bushy plants, 5cm x 3cm fruits
Pepper - Hot Tabasco small, early, fiery chilli, well known ingredient for a famous sauce, ripens yellow-green-orange-red, smokey taste, also dried for Asian dishes & pickles
Pepper - Sweet Bell Boy F1 large thick walled, green pepper with sweet flavour
Pepper - Sweet Big Bell F1 huge, bell shaped sweet peppers, green-red
Pepper - Sweet Californian Wonder mild, sweet, square shape green-red fruits
Pepper - Sweet Diablo F1 very sweet, long fruits with dark red, thick juicy flesh, good for salads & roasting
Pepper - Sweet Marconi Red F1 mild ,sweet flavoured pepper with 6cm x 17cm long, slender pods, with 3-4 lobes & medium thick flesh
Pepper - Sweet New Ace extra early, all round use, very heavy cropper, medium-thick walled, block type, green-red
Pepper - Sweet Sweet Banana long cylindra fruit tapering to a point, ripens yellow-red, continuous fruiting for a long period, 14cmx4cm
Pepper - Sweet Sweet Mix a mixture of sweet peppers with colours from green-red-yellow-brown etc
Pumpkin Atlantic Giant giant variety which has held the world record for weight, very tasty, great for carving
Pumpkin Hundredweight yellow skinned, enormous fruits
Pumpkin Jack - O - Lantern perfect size for Halloween lights, this is the traditional pumpkin used for carving, golden/orange flesh, excellent for roasting, good storage
Pumpkin Jack of all Trades perfect pumpkin for Halloween, 3-4kilos with good handle, perfect colour & shape
Pumpkin Mammoth Gold old American heirloom variety, from Kentucky weighs up-to 25kikos, with a rich orange skin
Pumpkin Racer F1 Semi-bush plants early cropping with yields of 7-9 kilo fruits, excellent colour
Radicchio Pain de Sucre large leafy green variety suitable as winter lettuce
Radicchio Palla Rossa firm red hearts, white veined, not hardy

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