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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Okra Baby Bubba Dwarf variety, perfect for large containers, harvesting from 53 days, full size pods on dwarf plants
Okra Clemsons Spineless prolific, medium-sized, tapered, green pods
Onion - Bulbing Ailsa Craig large globe type, heavy cropper, good exhibition
Onion - Bulbing Arthur F1 large, maincrop, quality long storage bulbs
Onion - Bulbing Bedfordshire Champion maincrop globe type, good keeping qualities
Onion - Bulbing Borettana traditional italian variety with brown yellow skin, firm sweet flesh, superb pickling onion
Onion - Bulbing Bristol F1 outstanding maincrop variety, with excellent skin colour, uniformed, NIAB winner: high standard
Onion - bulbing Element F1 early, Japanese type, overwintering, globe shaped bulbs with a good colour
Onion - Bulbing Florence Simiane continental type, very popular in Europe, red elongated onion, sweet flavoured, perfect raw for slicing
Onion - Bulbing Globo one of the largest onions for exhibition work up to 1 kilo, for salds and cooking
Onion - Bulbing Golden Bear F1 large globe shaped onion, weighing up to 300g, very tolerant of downy mildew, botrytis and white rot
Onion - Bulbing Hi-Keeper high yielding, mildew resistant, globe type with brown-yellow skin, good keeping qualities
Onion - Bulbing Hybound F1 early high quality globe type, excellent skin quality, long storage & good flavour. ideal for exhibition work
Onion - Bulbing Karmen superb red onion with good shelf life, weighs around 100g, maturing 124/130 days from sowing
Onion - Bulbing Kelsae legendary show bench variety produces huge bulbs up to record weights
Onion - Bulbing Kosma high yields, medium size, white bulbs, with a sweet flavour, may be grown on from Spring/Autumn sowings
Onion - Bulbing Mammoth Improved huge, good shaped onion, ideal for exhibition work, weighs up to 2.5kilos, very sweet flavour
Onion - Bulbing Paris Silver Skin small white onions for pickling
Onion - Bulbing Red Baron globe-semi globe, deep red, maincrop with good skin & thick neck, excellent taste & good for storage
Onion - Bulbing Rijnsburger large, main crop onion ready mid-late summer, with firm brown skin and excellent for storing
Onion - Bulbing Santero F1 the first mildew resistant onion, slow to bolt, medium to long storage qualities
Onion - Bulbing Senshyu Yellow Autumn sown, heavy yielding, semi-globe type
Onion - Bulbing Shimonita Japanese type, grow with wide spacing, earth-up as crop is growing to produce huge plants almost like leeks with a sweet flavour
Onion - Bulbing Sonic F1 over-wintering Japanese type, semi-globe straw-coloured skins with an excellent flavour
Onion - Bulbing Sturon main crop variety, with excellent keeping, round, slightly flattened bulbs of a straw-brown colour

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