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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Pepper - Hot Hot Pepper Mix a mixture of colours and shapes, ideal for growing a greenhouse or on a window sill, use dried or fresh
Pepper - Hot Jalapeno F1 very hot & spicy, 7x2cm green-deep red fruit, ideal for Mexican cooking
Pepper - Hot Scotch Bonnets Mix a mixture of yellow & red colours, very hot, globular shaped fruits, fiery pungency, late, short bushy plants, 5cm x 3cm fruits
Pepper - Hot Tabasco small, early, fiery chilli, well known ingredient for a famous sauce, ripens yellow-green-orange-red, smokey taste, also dried for Asian dishes & pickles
Pepper - Sweet Bell Boy F1 large thick walled, green pepper with sweet flavour
Pepper - Sweet Big Bell F1 huge, bell shaped sweet peppers, green-red
Pepper - Sweet Californian Wonder mild, sweet, square shape green-red fruits
Pepper - Sweet Diablo F1 very sweet, long fruits with dark red, thick juicy flesh, good for salads & roasting
Pepper - Sweet Marconi Red F1 mild ,sweet flavoured pepper with 6cm x 17cm long, slender pods, with 3-4 lobes & medium thick flesh
Pepper - Sweet Sweet Banana long cylindra fruit tapering to a point, ripens yellow-red, continuous fruiting for a long period, 14cmx4cm
Pepper - Sweet Sweet Mix a mixture of sweet peppers with colours from green-red-yellow-brown etc
Pumpkin Atlantic Giant giant variety which has held the world record for weight, very tasty, great for carving
Pumpkin Hundredweight yellow skinned, enormous fruits
Pumpkin Jack - O - Lantern perfect size for Halloween lights, this is the traditional pumpkin used for carving, golden/orange flesh, excellent for roasting, good storage
Pumpkin Jack of all Trades perfect pumpkin for Halloween, 3-4kilos with good handle, perfect colour & shape
Pumpkin Mammoth Gold old American heirloom variety, from Kentucky weighs up-to 25kikos, with a rich orange skin
Pumpkin Racer F1 Semi-bush plants early cropping with yields of 7-9 kilo fruits, excellent colour
Radicchio Pain de Sucre large leafy green variety suitable as winter lettuce
Radicchio Palla Rossa firm red hearts, white veined, not hardy
Radish Amethyst striking purple skin, crisp, pure white flesh, slow to get pithy, nice round shape
Radish Black Spanish Long Autumn/Winter crop, large long roots
Radish Cherry Belle small, scarlet, globe type
Radish China Rose very large, Autumn/Winter crop
Radish French Breakfast long, sweet, crimson/white root
Radish French Breakfast No.3 high quality, cylindrical root, excellent uniformity and colour with white tip

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