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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Onion - Salad Parade F1 Good bunching onion, with attractive dark green foliage does not bulb may be sown early or late
Onion - Salad Reddy a long day type, superb bunching onion, with a thick skin and a deep red colour, can be left to bulb
Onion - Salad Savel mostly bulb-free, Japanese type, Suited for summer and autumn production. good resistance to botrytis and weather damage
Onion - Salad Summer Isle a Japanese-type salad onion with a sweet flavour, bright green leaves with long white shafts, with very little bulbing
Onion - Salad Tipika high yielding bunching onion suitable for spring or autumn sowings white bulbs
Onion - Salad White Lisbon Spring salad type for spring/summer cropping
Onion - Salad White Lisbon Winter Winter hardy, Autumn sowing
Onion - Salad Winter Bunching combines over-wintering with bulbing resistance, strong foliage, suitable for successive sowing
Parsley Bravour dark green fine curled leaves, for Spring & Summer sowing for overwintering
Parsley Moss Curled dense, compact, prolific grower, ideal for freezing
Parsley Oscar plain flat-leaved, Italian type with superb flavour
Parsnip All varieties Because all parsnip seed must be fresh, we are unable to supply any until it comes in. This will be sometime in October - depending upon the harvest time of the seeds. Once the seed has arrived you will be able to view our range of 11 varieties of parsnips.
Pepper - Hot Anaheim F1 long broad chillies, 20cm x 5cm, ripen from green to red, medium heat, ideal for freezing & stuffing
Pepper - Hot Big Jim the largest mexican type yet 30 x 6cm wide, green-red fruits, medium hot, 60cm tall
Pepper - Hot Big Sun heavy yields of uniformed, pungent yellow fruits, extremely hot
Pepper - Hot Cayenne long, thin & very hot, green-red chilli type fruit
Pepper - Hot Cayenne Long Slim easy to grow, under glass or outside in a sheltered position, masses of pointed fruits, green turning red, very hot, for pickling, drying or use fresh
Pepper - Hot Demon Red high yielding, green to red Thai type, 25-30cm pots or containers, indoors or out
Pepper - Hot Habenero a popular hot pepper with fruits 3.5cm x 5cm, with a unique flavour green-red in colour
Pepper - Hot Hot Lemon purple-yellow, spicy aroma, with a hint of pinewood, as hot as any Cayenne, and a unique flavour, narrow 8cm fruits
Pepper - Hot Hot Pepper Mix a mixture of colours and shapes, ideal for growing a greenhouse or on a window sill, use dried or fresh
Pepper - Hot Italian Long thick walled, long tapering fruits, ripen green-red
Pepper - Hot Jalapeno F1 very hot & spicy, 7x2cm green-deep red fruit, ideal for Mexican cooking
Pepper - Hot Scotch Bonnets Mix a mixture of yellow & red colours, very hot, globular shaped fruits, fiery pungency, late, short bushy plants, 5cm x 3cm fruits
Pepper - Hot Tabasco small, early, fiery chilli, well known ingredient for a famous sauce, ripens yellow-green-orange-red, smokey taste, also dried for Asian dishes & pickles

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