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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Lettuce - Butterhead All the Year Round butterhead variety for Spring-Autumn sowing
Lettuce - Butterhead Arctic King very hardy variety, outdoor, Autumn sown variety
Lettuce - Butterhead Buttercrunch very firm & crunchy variety, that stands well
Lettuce - Butterhead Cobham Green an old variety with Danish leaf
Lettuce - Butterhead Diana a lovely dark green lettuce with good firm heads, ideal for Spring-Summer sowings, good mildew resistance,a good exhibition variety
Lettuce - Butterhead Great Lakes large, crisp variety, for Summer-Autumn growing
Lettuce - Butterhead Iceberg large, crisp headed variety, for Spring-Summer sowing
Lettuce - Butterhead Lakeland crisp, tight, dark green heads, good in adverse conditions
Lettuce - Butterhead Lillian a British bred butterhead, bright green with good firm heads, for Summer/Autumn cropping outside
Lettuce - Butterhead Marvel of Four Seasons soft bronze red leaves, medium sized lettuce
Lettuce - Butterhead Saladin crisp, medium-large variety, suitable in cooler conditions
Lettuce - Butterhead Suzan early, compact, butterhead type variety
Lettuce - Butterhead Tom Thumb small headed, quick growing Summer crop, may be grown between other rows of plants
Lettuce - Butterhead Trocadero butterhead type, good Summer variety
Lettuce - Butterhead Valdor large headed variety, for over-wintering
Lettuce - Butterhead Webbs Wonderful crisp heads with good hearts, tolerant of hotter weather
Lettuce - Cos Chartwell a slow to bolt, mid-sized lettuce, uniformed shape, said to be the best tasting lettuce yet
Lettuce - Cos Claremont romaine type, fairly large, upright head, and a sweet flavour, crunchy texture
Lettuce - Cos Jewel larger than Little Gem, some resistance to virus\'s, very sweet variety
Lettuce - Cos Little Gem dwarf cos variety, good flavour, quick growing
Lettuce - Cos Lobjoits Green Cos self folding, deep, very crisp variety
Lettuce - Cos Pearl (Little Gem) updated Little Gem, uniform, with compact heads
Lettuce - Cos Romany 2 lovely dark green uniformed cos, good resistance to tip burn & mildew, excellent taste
Lettuce - Cos Valmaine old fashioned self-folding cos, deep green leaves, with very good holding ability
Lettuce - Cos Winter Density sweet, hardy cos, sow Autumn for April crop

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