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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Lettuce - Butterhead Lakeland crisp, tight, dark green heads, good in adverse conditions
Lettuce - Butterhead Lillian a British bred butterhead, bright green with good firm heads, for Summer/Autumn cropping outside
Lettuce - Butterhead Saladin crisp, medium-large variety, suitable in cooler conditions
Lettuce - Butterhead Suzan early, compact, butterhead type variety
Lettuce - Butterhead Tom Thumb small headed, quick growing Summer crop, may be grown between other rows of plants
Lettuce - Butterhead Trocadero butterhead type, good Summer variety
Lettuce - Butterhead Webbs Wonderful crisp heads with good hearts, tolerant of hotter weather
Lettuce - Cos Chartwell a slow to bolt, mid-sized lettuce, uniformed shape, said to be the best tasting lettuce yet
Lettuce - Cos Claremont romaine type, fairly large, upright head, and a sweet flavour, crunchy texture
Lettuce - Cos Jewel larger than Little Gem, some resistance to virus\'s, very sweet variety
Lettuce - Cos Little Gem dwarf cos variety, good flavour, quick growing
Lettuce - Cos Lobjoits Green Cos self folding, deep, very crisp variety
Lettuce - Cos Pearl (Little Gem) updated Little Gem, uniform, with compact heads
Lettuce - Cos Valmaine old fashioned self-folding cos, deep green leaves, with very good holding ability
Lettuce - Cos Winter Density sweet, hardy cos, sow Autumn for April crop
Lettuce - Cos Winter Gem a Little gem variety that has been bred to grow over winter, under glass
Lettuce - leaf Catalogna all seasons sowing, with dark lobes, ideal for baby leaf and salads, easy to grow in tubs and pots, outside and glass, maturing in around 40 days, excellent flavour, an old type leaf lettuce
Lettuce - Leaf Frillice curly iceburg-type, with dark frilly open leaves, very succulent and crisp
Lettuce - Leaf Lolla Rossa red and green, curled leaves ideal for summer cropping `
Lettuce - Leaf Lolla Rossa Morello very dark, Lollo Rossa type, with curled leaves and strong colour, stands well
Lettuce - Leaf Rossa catalonga type, of medium size, with canary tongue shaped leaves, use as a baby leaf or as cut & come again
Lettuce - Leaf Salad Bowl Green deep cut, green open leaved variety
Lettuce - Leaf Salad Bowl Mix a mixture of the red and green, and dark salad bowl varieties
Lettuce - Leaf Salad Bowl Red deep-cut red-brown leaves
Lettuce - Leaf Salad Leaf Mix a mixture of popular leaf type lettuce, as found in supermarket packs

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