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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Beetroot Pronto small round, early-late maincrop, bolt resistant
Beetroot Red Arrow F1 strong, round & uniform, deep red colour, good for showing
Borecole Black Cabbage dark, long strap-like leaf with a peppery flavour, use immature for stir frys & salads
Borecole Black Magic (improved Cavola Nero) better uniformity, dark striking, narrow well textured leaves, more cold tolerance, and less likely to bolt
Borecole Dwarf Green Curled hardy, bushy variety, November cropping
Borecole Hungry Gap so called, it fits the gap between other varieties, ideal for salad leaves, late cropping
Borecole Kale Maris Kestrel very prolific, very hardy variety
Borecole Kale Red Russian grey-green feathery leaves, purple stems for salads and stir fries
Borecole Kale Thousand Head tall variety, leafy and frost resistant heads
Borecole Nero Di Toscano all Italian type, with tight, long, heavy blistered leaves of dark green
Borecole Pentland Brig lightly curled leaves, a little similar to cabbage in taste, great for steaming, boiling or frying as chinese style seaweed
Borecole Redbor F1 very attractive red kale with a distinct contrast to green types, also suited for salad-leaf growing
Borecole Scarletto red curly leaves, cut young for salads
Broccoli - heading Romanesco excellent, small, creamy-green conical heads
Broccoli - heading Verdant attractive, medium sized, solid green curds, ready 100 days from sowing
Broccoli - sprouting Cardinal late purple sprouting variety, with a good flavour, ready March - May
Broccoli - sprouting Collection a collection of Rudolph, Red Arrow and White Star
Broccoli - sprouting Late Purple Sprouting late variety with good flavour, cutting late April
Broccoli - sprouting Purple Sprouting early variety, cutting March onwards
Broccoli - sprouting Red Admiral F1 outstanding vigour and spear quality matures from February-March with high yields
Broccoli - sprouting Red Arrow fine quality spears, later than Red Spear, cropping late February - mid April
Broccoli - sprouting Red Head later variety, large heads & good sized shoots
Broccoli - sprouting Red Spear fine quality large red spears, February - March
Broccoli - sprouting Rudolph early purple sprouting variety, large spears from January - February
Broccoli - sprouting Sprouting Mix a cropping programme in a packet, a mix of varieties to extend the cropping season from January-June

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