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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Cucumber El Toro F1 all-female variety, good disease resistance, popular with growers
Cucumber Femspot F1 popular female variety, smooth, long fruit, bitter-free good for the show bench
Cucumber Green Fingers F1 cucumbers for growing outside/indoors, very sweet with lots of 10-12cm long finger-like fruits,
Cucumber Kalimero F1 early, 20cm tall plants, mini-cucumber 12-15cm long
Cucumber La Diva unique small fruited type, spineless with a great flavour, may be grown in/outside, ideal for trailing or climbing
Cucumber Marketmore oudoor, long-fruited variety, with a good flavour & resistant to virus
Cucumber Natsuhikari improved Tokyo Slicer type, may be grown outside on the ground or under glass up strings, few spines, 23cm in length
Cucumber Pepinex F1 spineless, good disease resistant variety
Cucumber Perfection Ridge good dark, high yielding variety
Cucumber Peticue F1 A new mini cucumber, producing high yields all summer,ideally pick when 15 to 20cm long, ideal in open ground or under glass
Cucumber Petipikel F1 short, vining bush, 45 days to maturity, may be grown in small spaces, fruits 8-13cm long, spread is up to 60cm, pick cucumbers regularly to increase yields
Cucumber Petita F1 ideal for glasshouse or outdoor culture, all female variety
Cucumber Pyralis F1 reliable uniform variety, sow December-August, good in cool temperatures
Cucumber Telegraph Improved popular, long dark fruit, high yielding variety
Cucumber Tokyo Slicer long fruits, outdoor variety, mosaic virus resistant
Cucumber Zara F1 a quality all-female with good disease resistance
Fennel Zeta Tardo a bulb fennel, suitable for early sowing, will transplant, flat round bulbs, bolt resistant
Fenugreek Fenugreek quick growing, spicy leaves, for salads & stir fries
Garlic Solant White a good strong grower, enough to plant a 3m row
Green Manure Alfalfa Dig in when plants are fresh & green, dislikes acid soils, does well in dry conditions, 2.5g per square metre
Green Manure Field Beans use coverage of 100g per 6 square metres
Green Manure Grazing Rye use coverage of 50g per 6 square metres
Green Manure Lupin - Bitter Blue use coverage of 50g per 9 square metres
Green Manure Mustard use coverage of 50g per 18 square metres
Green Manure Phacelia Coverage of 25 square metres

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