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FastraX perennials will all bloom in the first year
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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Cauliflower Patriot winter headed variety, heading April/May, well covered curds
Cauliflower Red Lion F1 purple, deep, well covered heads, cut October - December
Cauliflower Serac F1 early hybrid, sow Oct-Jan for cropping May-June
Cauliflower Snowball tight medium size heads, June - August
Cauliflower Triomphant F1 well protected, dense curds, a variety best suited for the south, for cropping December to January
Cauliflower Veitchs Self Protecting late cutting variety, ready November - December
Celeriac Giant Prague turnip-shaped root, used for soups/salads
Celery Celery Soup Green dark green variety ideal for soup making may be used for salads etc
Celery Celery Soup Red red variety, ideal for soup & salads
Celery Crystal self blanching, smooth, succulent, well flavoured, excellent for exhibition work
Celery Golden Self Blanching dwarf variety, no earthing up required
Celery Green Utah F1 mid-dark green, tall & fleshy, quick to mature, good standing ability, excellent flavour
Celtuce Celtuce an celery lettuce combination, may be cooked, steamed or eaten raw, high vitamin content
Chicory Brussels Witloof large, thick leaf/stalk, used blanched in salads
Collard Greens Proteor cholesterol lowering ability, large range of vitamins, also excellent food for Iguanas
Corn Salad Verte de Cambrai 60 day maturity, slow to bolt, broad leaves, highly aromatic, best corn salad yet
Courgette Alfresco F1 a variety with creamy green firm skins with a refined flavour, for harvesting throughout the summer
Courgette All Green Bush good variety, cut frequently to prolong cropping
Courgette Atena F1 abundant crops of tasty, golden-yellow fruits, lovely flavour, harvest June- September, up to 20cm long
Courgette British Summertime British bred, early to set, will produce bumper crops on spine free stems, 45cm tall with a 90cm spread, flowers are also edible, crops well in all weathers
Courgette Defender F1 very early, dark green fruits, with good disease resistance, excellent for exhibition work
Courgette Eight Balls dark green, snooker-ball sized, round fruits compliments the One Ball variety
Courgette Goldrush F1 high yielding yellow courgette, virus tolerant
Courgette Midnight F1 British bred, bushy, spine free plants with a 90cm spread and delicious dark green fruits
Courgette One Ball F1 high yielding, bright yellow round fruits, bush habit, compliments the Eight Balls variety

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