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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Courgette Alfresco F1 a variety with creamy green firm skins with a refined flavour, for harvesting throughout the summer
Courgette All Green Bush good variety, cut frequently to prolong cropping
Courgette Atena F1 abundant crops of tasty, golden-yellow fruits, lovely flavour, harvest June- September, up to 20cm long
Courgette British Summertime British bred, early to set, will produce bumper crops on spine free stems, 45cm tall with a 90cm spread, flowers are also edible, crops well in all weathers
Courgette Defender F1 very early, dark green fruits, with good disease resistance, excellent for exhibition work
Courgette Early Gem very early crops, dark green fruits with light stripe, delicious fried or stuffed
Courgette Eight Balls dark green, snooker-ball sized, round fruits compliments the One Ball variety
Courgette Goldrush F1 high yielding yellow courgette, virus tolerant
Courgette One Ball F1 high yielding, bright yellow round fruits, bush habit, compliments the Eight Balls variety
Courgette Parador F1 high quality Yellow Courgette, improvement on Goldrush type
Courgette Patio Star F1 compact plants, that are ideal for pots and boxes, with spine-free fruits
Courgette Patriot F1 early, prolific, dark green shiny fruits
Courgette Supremo F1 dark green fruit with a good flavour
Courgette Taxi F1 very high yielding with yellow fruits, easy to pick
Courgette Tristan F1 smooth, heavy cropper, with an open habit, good flavour, long lasting, 16-18cm fruits, harvest June -September
Courgette Tromboncino long fruits that grow curled, up to l metre long, makes very good eating
Courgette Tuscany F1 straight dark slender fruit, resistance to mildew, one of the best courgettes to date
Courgette Zucchini F1 early with long stems and medium green fruit
Cress Curled fine dwarf variety, used for salads
Cress Greek darker leaf, very compact, well worth a try
Cress Plain most commonly used cress, for salads
Cress Water tall, strong flavoured, requires constant moisture to grow
Cucumber Burpless Bush bush habit, with firm fruits seedless with 20-25cm long, straight, cylindrical fruits
Cucumber Burpless Tasty long, crisp, tasty and easily digested variety
Cucumber Crystal Apple high yielding, small round fruit

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