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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Carrot Amsterdam Forcing early outdoor variety, good for forcing
Carrot Autumn King late variety, heavy cropper, stores well
Carrot Berlicum Berjo very good quality, cylindrical, maincrop
Carrot Camberley long roots, late, high yielding with good colour, resistance to blight
Carrot Chantenay Red Cored short topped variety, good colour
Carrot Collection 1 standard pack of each of the coloured carrots :- Red, Purple, White and Yellow with 2000 seeds in total
Carrot Early Market half long, early variety
Carrot Early Nantes long, popular early variety, good flavour & colour
Carrot Eskimo F1 late main crop, excellent resistance to splitting and harsh weather, good flavour
Carrot Flakee an enormous carrot, between 21 & 27cm long, with an excellent flavour and good storing ability
Carrot Flyaway F1 unattractive to egg laying fly & maggots & tolerant to root fly, good shape, colour & smooth skin, good for exhibition
Carrot Ideal Red quick growing with good colour & flavour
Carrot Karotela F1 first early, ideal for sowing in the Autumn & early Spring under glass, may be sown outside later
Carrot Long Red Surrey long, late variety
Carrot Paris Early Market very early with superb colour and taste, almost completely round
Carrot Purple Haze a vigorous high quality dark purple carrot with an orange core excellent flavour, ideal for salads etc.
Carrot Rainbow F1 Mix a mixture of yellow, purple, white & red coloured carrots, excellent for salads, & good for exhibition
Carrot Red Intermediate early variety with a good shoulder and colour
Carrot Red Intermediate Stump Rooted early variety, with a good top, ready August onwards
Carrot Red Samurai F1 unique red skin, with long, slender pointed roots, & a sweet flavour
Carrot Resistafly long smooth roots, with good colour, improved resistance to carrot fly
Carrot Rocket F1 early, good colour & flavour, free from green shoulder
Carrot Silvano F1 superb, sweet flavour, excellent colour throughout it's growing season
Carrot St Valery ready August, good colour
Carrot Sugarsnax F1 long thin tender roots, very sweet and tasty, RHS award winner,

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