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FastraX perennials will all bloom in the first year
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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Artichoke Green Globe large green, quality heads
Asparagus Connovers Colossal fairly thick spears, foliage used for decoration
Asparagus F1 Ariane attractive green spears, with violet bracts and buds. excellent flavour, a light harvest is achievable in August of the first year, with cutting May to June in subsequent years
Asparagus Pea Asparagus Pea known as the winged pea, with red flowers
Aubergine Baby Belle unusual, attractive dwarf variety, suitable for growing in pots, medium sized, dark purple fruits
Aubergine Black Beauty early, prolific variety, purple-black, oval-round fruits
Aubergine Mixed a mix of colours and shapes
Aubergine Moneymaker F1 very early, high yielding variety
Beans Yard Long produces long, round, thin pods, stringless and very tasty, 2.5m tall, also known as asparagus bean
Beetroot Avalanche F1 truly white beet, non bleeding when cut, has good flavour and texture, leaves can be used like spinach
Beetroot Bikores early, bolt resistant globe, good flavour
Beetroot Boldor F1 main crop, gold skin, delicate flavoured
Beetroot Boltardy early, bolt-resistant, medium-sized globe type
Beetroot Boro good quality and colour, suitable for baby beet and storage
Beetroot Cheltenham Green Top medium length, deep red, with bronzy-green leaves
Beetroot Chioggia Barbietola Italian type, decorative white rings when sliced, mild flavour, ideal cooked or for salads
Beetroot Collection A collection of 4 varieties, consisting of a standard packet of each of the following - red striped, white, golden and red.
Beetroot Crimson Globe an established variety with good flavour & texture
Beetroot Cylindra long, red, main crop variety,
Beetroot Detroit Globe early main crop, good colour
Beetroot Kestral high yielding globe type, disease tolerant, very sweet, late to bolt, 53 day maturity
Beetroot Little Ball quick growing baby beet, with smooth skins, and good colour
Beetroot Mix each packet contains a mix of red, red striped, golden & white
Beetroot Monogram F1 monogerm variety (1 plant per seed), richly coloured, vigorous, uniform smooth skinned, ideal for baby beet
Beetroot Pablo F1 top quality, uniform & high yielding, ideal for exhibition work

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