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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Fennel Zeta Tardo A bulb fennel, suitable for early sowing, will transplant, large flat round bulbs, bolt resistant.
Good King Henry good king Henry Can be grown as a vegetable or pot herb, similar to spinach, high in vitamins B and C
Herb Garden excellent mix of a range of herbs, different leaves, colours and heights, 30-60cm tall, ideal for a beginner
Hyssop Officinalis Strong bitter bee plant, said to be a good external antiseptic, blue
Jo Pye Weed Tall with pink flowers and has a vanilla scent when leaves are crushed, up to 3m tall.
Lavender Vera True lavender, strong scented, 50cm tall
Lemon Balm lemon balm Grown for culinary uses, including fish, meat and vegetables, and for medicinal purposes, as well as for scent.
Lemon Grass Foeniculum 20-30cm tall, used mainly for culinary purposes and as a scent.
Marigold Pot Old fashioned variety, with orange flowers, used mainly for salads, and medicinal purposes, also lovely in cottage gardens
Marjoram Pot (wild) An erect variety, with dense hairy stems, and pink/white flowers, used for culinary purposes especially with pasta and with tomatoes
Mint Green similar to spearmint, with an oval, dark green leaf
Mint Mentha Crispa Bright green leaves, used for cooking and medicinal purposes.
Mint Mixed A mixture of mint varieties
Mustard Red Giant Large Savoy-like, deep red, thick tender leaves, moderate pungency, good for baby leaf
Oregano Vulgare The original wild marjoram
Pennyroyal Pulegium Strong minty flavour, 25/30cm tall, for culinary use.
Peppermint Mentha Peperita Dark green leaf, red tinge.
Poppy Field Corn field poppy, seed used for flavouring.
Purslane Summer Leaves are good in salads and can be eaten like spinach, also for soups and stews.
Purslane Winter (Claytonia) Known as miners lettuce with a delicious heart. Striped leaves, excellent for salads.
Rocket Salad Large, hot spicy leaves with a nutty flavour, for salads etc.
Rocket Wild Slow growing, small leaf with strong flavour.
Rocket Wild Dragon A new wild variety with purple/red veining on leaf, all round use.
Rosemary Officinalis Evergreen perennial, very pungent, used for culinary purposes and decorations, has blue flowers.
Sage Sage Widely used for culinary purposes including liver, fish, meat dishes. Also for teas and medicinal purposes

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