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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Basil Basket Mix a mixture of basil varieties, with different sized leaves, colours and aromas 30-45cm tall
Basil Bush a dwarf variety, ideal for pots, with small leaves, with a very good flavour, mainly used as a culinary herb
Basil Cinnamon vigorous plant with a strong cinnamon aroma, and a sweet spicy aroma, 30-40cm tall
Basil Floral Lavender a variety for culinary or ornamental uses, with aniseed scented leaves
Basil Italian Large Leaf Large leaved variety, with leaves that are medium dark and smooth, plants are slow to bolt, and high yielding, maturing in approximately 85 days, 30-40cm tall
Basil Lemon and Lime a delicious mix of lemon and lime
Basil Lime Lime scented leaves, can be used raw in salads etc, or for area infusion
Basil Mrs Burns Lemon Attractive, lemon scented variety, reckoned to be the most lemony yet
Basil Purple Ruffles fragrant, large leaved dark opal, almost black in colour.
Basil Red Rubin Purple leaved variety, lovely in salads etc.
Basil Siam Queen Larger leaved variety than Thai basil, with a subtle cinnamon-anis flavour, for culinary and ornamental use
Basil Sweet Genovese Large variety, with shiny leaves, 35-40cm tall, widely used in cooking.
Basil Thai Tiny leaved variety, with anis-clove scent, used for culinary and ornamental purposes
Borage borage Ideal for salads, soups and punches, the flowers are also very attractive to bees
Burnet burnet Used in salads, vinegars and tomato juice, as well as other culinary products and for medicinal purposes.
Caraway caraway the seeds are used for baking, especially with bread, potatoes and fruit.
Catnip Cataria Lemon Scented, young leaves, for use in salads etc. with a lemony, liquorice, fennel flavour, and is a good insect repellant
Celery Leaf Wild Celery Strong flavoured, easy to grow variety, for stews, salads and soups.
Chamomile Anthemis Nobilis Fragrant variety mainly used for chamomile lawns and edgings. (1g = approximately 5 square metres or 50 square feet))
Chamomile Matricaria feathery leaved variety, and has white flowers with yellow centres, mainly used for culinary and cosmetic purposes
Chervil Curled Anis taste, mainly used for salads, seasoning and medicinal uses.
Chervil Winter Brussels Slow bolting with cold tolerance for Autumn sowing.
Chives Garlic this variety has a mild garlic/onion flavour, for culinary uses
Chives Ordinary used for culinary purposes, in salads, as well as cooked dishes
Collection French Conection 1 small packet of the following herbs, Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano

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