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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Everlasting Sweet Pea Latifolius Mix P flowers of white, pink & lavender shades
Felicea Mix A very attractive blue and pink mix, excellent for beds and baskets, 30cm tall,
Forget Me Not Royal Spires B taller variety, vivid blue flowers, 30cm tall
Forget Me Not Victoria Blue B dwarf plants, ball shaped flowers, 15cm tall
Gaillardia Arizona Flame FP a unique red colour, masses of flowers, ideal for pots, containers & beds, 35cm tall
Gaillardia Arizona Sun FP bright yellow & red flowers, 10cm diameter blooms most of the season, ideal for pots & tubs etc. 25-35cm tall
Gaillardia Dazzler P yellow flowers with maroon centres, ideal for cutting, 60cm tall,
Gaillardia Goblin FP single yellow blooms, mahogany centres, 25cm tall
Gaillardia New Giant Hybrids Mix P good mixture of colours, ideal for borders & cutting,70-80cm tall
Gazania Inferno F1 Mix P an exclusive range to match any yet, up to 9 bright colours & shades, ideal for tubs & beds
Gazania Kiss F1 Mix AP super plant, free-flowering blooms, compact plants that are excellent as pot plant, 20cm tall
Gazania Sunshine F1 Mix P a range of bold colours, including striped, ringed & solid colours, 20-25cm tall
Geranium Apollo F1 Mix GP superb all round mophead type, excellent for bedding & tubs etc. 35cm tall
Geranium Multibloom F1 Mix GP multiflora blooms - giving many flowers per plant, excellent for beds & tubs etc. 30cm tall
Geranium Paintbox F2 Mix GP a full colour range, 30cm tall
Geranium Summer Showers F1 Mix GP a mixture of quick flowering ivy leaf trailing geraniums, ideal for baskets etc.
Geum Lady Stratheden P golden-yellow flowers, ideal for borders, 60cm tall
Geum Mrs Bradshaw P large semi-double scarlet blooms, 60cm tall
Gloxinia Empress F1 Mix GP a major breakthrough:- an early flowering plant with a wide colour range, the best yet!
Godetia Dwarf Azalea Mix A semi-double mixture of flowers, 35cm tall
Godetia Tall Mix A super double flowered mixture, ideal for cutting, 65cm tall
Grass - ornamental Festuca Glauca FP blue-grey leaves, purple spikes, 25cm tall
Grass - ornamental Grass & Wild Flower Mix A a mixture of grass and wild flowers,ideal for small areas of spare ground, 2g per square metre
Grass - ornamental Savannah FP soft blue-green leaves, followed by silky seed heads, starting deep rose & unfolding into a delicate pink, Autumn leaves turn purple-red
Gypsophila Covent Garden A large white blooms, 45cm tall

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