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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Dahlia Cactus Mix P quilled & twisted petals, large flowered mixture, 1.5m tall
Dahlia Coltness Hybrids Mix A large single blooms, ideal for cutting, 45cm tall
Dahlia Dandy Mix A collarette type mixture, good cut flower, 50cm tall
Dahlia Decorative Mix P flat-petalled variety, large flowered, double mixture, 1.5m tall
Dahlia Diablo Mix A dwarf variety, semi-double flowers, bronze leaved, 37cm tall
Dahlia Early Bird Mix A semi-double flowers, earlier flowering than most other varieties, 40cm tall
Dahlia Figaro Mix A early, double flowered, dwarf plants, ideal for beds, 30cm tall
Dahlia Harlequin Mix A good colour range, including shades & blends, 40cm tall
Dahlia Pompome Mix P a mixture of small ball-shaped, double flowers, 1m tall
Dahlia Redskin Mix A semi-double mixture with bronze leaves, 40cm tall
Dahlia Unwins Dwarf Mix A semi-double flowers with quilled petals, 50cm tall
Delphinium Magic Fountains Mix FP nice range of colours, 80cm tall
Delphinium Pacific Giants Mix FP (roundtable) large double flowers, in shades of blue, carmine & violet, all with bee, 2m tall
Delphinium Summer Morning F1 FP grandiflora type with pink blooms, Ideal for borders, 30-50cm tall
Dianthus Babydoll Mix P good mixture, 15cm tall
Dianthus Spring Beauty Mix P large double flowered, good mixture of colours, 30cm tall
Dianthus Sweetness P Heavily perfumed flowers in pink/carmine with white eyes, single first blooms, 20cm tall
Dianthus Village Pinks Mix P old fashioned, highly scented blooms, in a mixture of colours
Diascia Apricot Queen A apricot-salmon flowers, ideal for baskets etc., 20cm tall
Diascia Pink Queen A pink shell-like blooms, for baskets & beds, 20cm
Digitalis (Wild) Purpurea P tall, one sided spikes of pink-purple blooms, up to 2m tall
Digitalis Apricot P large creamy-orange blooms, 1.5m tall
Digitalis Camelot F1 Mix P a lovely mix of colours, some spotted, excellent for beds, 1.25m tall
Digitalis Elsey Kelsey P an uncommon variety, flowers are white with rose red lips, excellent garden performance, 1.2m tall
Digitalis Excelsior Hybrids Mix P good mixture with throat markings, 1.3m tall

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