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FastraX perennials will all bloom in the first year
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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Calendula Pot Original A first to be grown from seed, lovely single orange blooms with dark centres
Campanula Carpatica Mix FP a mixture of blue-mauves and white, 30cm tall
Campanula Dahurica P lovely deep purple flowers, ideal for cutting, borders, and any open position, clump forming
Campanula Persicifolia Mix P blue & white mixture, upright branching, good cut flower, 75cm tall
Campanula Swinging Bells P small lavender-blue bell-shaped blooms, 10cm tall, will flower the first year from an early sowing
Canary Creeper Canariense AC yellow flowers, climbs to 4m tall
Candytuft Dwarf Fairy Mix A good compact mixture, 25cm tall
Canterbury Bells Cup And Saucer mix B a mixture of blues, rose and white, 1m tall
Carnation Dwarf Fragrance Mix B erect, ideal for beds & borders, 25cm tall
Carnation Enfant de Nice Mix P old fashioned mixed variety, with strongly scented blooms, excellent for cutting, with good colours & markings. 35-40cm tall
Carnation Giant Chabaud Mix AP fully double, fringed blooms, 45cm tall
Carnation Hanging Basket P Swiss-bred, very attractive, hardy, large double fragrant blooms ideal for baskets,tubs etc.
Caster Oil Plant Carmencita Pink A dark green leaves with red stems and attractive pink flowers 1.25m tall
Castor Oil Plant Carmencita Red A dark brown leaves with red stems & red flowers, 1.25m tall
Cat Grass Cat Grass A loved by cats, plant a tray indoors for your cat to enjoy
Celosia Plumosa Century Mix A a mixture of different colour plumes, 60cm tall
Centranthus Ruber Pretty Betsy FP deep red flowers, ideal for cutting, 90cm tall
Cerastium Tomentosum FP rockery plant, grey leaf, white flowers, 15cm tall
Chard Bright Lights A leaves have a wide colour range, ideal for borders etc., good for salads & cooking as well, 50cm tall
Chinese Lantern Franchetti BD bright orange, lantern-shape pods, 90cm tall
Chrysanthemum Dunnetti Mix A a mixture of single & semi-double blooms in a good range, 60cm tall
Chrysanthemum Korean Mix A single & semi-double flowers in a bright mixture, 75cm tall
Chrysanthemum Moonlight A single lemon-yellow daisy-like, flowering all Summer, 20cm tall
Chrysanthemum Silver Princess FP compact plants, large white blooms, 30cm tall
Cineraria Silver Dust A (Maritima) silver-grey foliage ideal for front bedding, 15cm tall

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