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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Begonia (Fibrous) Semperflorens A mix of bright colours, 20cm tall, (seed only)
Begonia (Fibrous) Senator F1 A early all weather type, mixed colours with dark leaves, 20cm tall
Begonia (Tuberous) Fortune F1 GP non-stop type, producing excellent plants in many colours
Begonia (Tuberous) Illumination F1 Mix GP 5cm double flowers giving a spectacular display
Begonia (Tuberous) New Star F1 Mix GP a mixture of double-headed blooms in a good colour range, ideal for pots and bedding, a non-stop type that keeps compact
Begonia (Tuberous) Santa Cruz F1 GP a compact variety with orange-red flowers, good in sun or shade with a good tolerance to the weather, it is ideal for hanging baskets
Bellis Carpet Mix P neat plants, double flowers with flat petals, 12cm tall
Bellis Speedstar F1 Mix P Autumn flowering, with very good colour range, ideal for combining with pansies etc.
Bellis Tasso Mix P larger bloomed Pomponette type in strawberry & cream colours, 10cm tall
Bells of Ireland Bells of Ireland DA pale green bell-like bracts, 60cm tall
Bidens Sunbright A trailing, yellow scented daisies, for pots & baskets
Black Eyed Susie Black Eyed Susie AC clear/dark eyed mix of creamy white, orange & yellow, ideal for hanging baskets
Brachycome Blue Star A rolled violet-blue petals, beds/baskets, 25cm tall
Brachycome Splendour Mix A strong plants, ideal for baskets, tubs etc., fragrant blue, violet & white, all with a yellow centre, 25cm tall
Buphthalum Sun Wheel P golden-yellow daisies for cutting & borders, 60cm tall
Burning Bush Trichophylla A green, going red in Autumn, 80cm tall
Butterfly Mix A A mixture of garden and wild flowers for direct sowing, ideal for a range of butterflies
Calceolaria Sunset F1 P hardy bushy plants, dark green leaves, orange-yellow flowers, 20cm tall
Calendula Art Shades Mix A good range of tints and shades, 45cm tall
Calendula Fiesta Gitana Mix A early dwarf variety, in many shades, 20cm tall
Calendula Golden Princess A fully double flowers with tubular disk florets, on long stems, excellent cut flowers 50cm tall
Calendula Old World Mix A a mixture of old fashioned double flowers, 60cm tall
Calendula Oopsy Daisy HA Lovely new colour, pale lemon petals with vivid orange tips, 30 cm tall, compact plants.
Calendula Orange King A old variety, large double heads, still popular today, 45cm tall
Calendula Pacific Beauty Mix A large 10cm dia. blooms, in apricot, cream, orange & yellow, ideal for cutting, 60cm tall

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