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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Chrysanthemum Silver Princess FP compact plants, large white blooms, 30cm tall
Cineraria Silver Dust A (Maritima) silver-grey foliage ideal for front bedding, 15cm tall
Clarkia Double Choice Mix A a good mixture of most shades, 60cm tall
Clary Monarch AD good mix, long lasting, ideal for cut flower & dried work, 70cm tall
Cleome Color Fountain Mix A 4 bright colours, 1m tall
Cleome Rose Queen A rose coloured flowers, strong scent, 1m tall
Climbing Plants Mix A a mixture of climbing plants, ideal for Summer blooms
Cobaea Scandens Purple AC large purple blooms, ideal for any trellis or frame
Coleus Black Dragon GP red & black foliage with pink centres, ideal for beds etc. 30cm tall
Coleus Rainbow New Masterblend Mix GP a blend of outstanding colours, medium height, good sized leaves
Conservation Mix Beetle & Insect Bank AP a mixture of grasses to form a habitat to encourage beetles & other insects
Conservation Mix Bumblebee & Butterfly Mix AP a mixture of flowers & grasses to form a habitat to attract bumblebees, butterflies & other insects
Conservation Mix Clover Mix P a mixture of red & white clover varieties, ideal for bees, butterflies & other insects, sweetly scented
Conservation Mix Pollen & Nectar Mix AP a mixture of flowers & grasses, producing a habitat to encourage butterflies, bees, other insects & birds to feed
Cordyline Indivisa P grey-green & red variegated leaf, 1m tall
Coreopsis Baby Gold P lovely single golden-yellow flowers with reddish-brown centres, good for borders, 35-45cm tall
Coreopsis Sunray P double golden-yellow flowers, 50cm tall
Coreopsis Tinctoria Mix P good strong plants, in shades of yellow, brown & red, growing up to 80cm tall
Cornfield Mix A a mixture of flowers found in cornfields
Cornflower Cornfield A blue flowers on long stems, flowering from June to August
Cornflower Double Ball Mix A large double flowers, in a mixture of colours, up to 1m tall
Cosmea Bright Lights Mix A a mixture of well formed blooms in gold, orange red and yellow shades, 90cm tall
Cosmea Candystripe A white & crimson mixture, many with contrasting egdes, splashes or flecks, ideal cut flower, 75cm tall
Cosmea Cosmic Mix A well branched stocky plants, orange & yellow blooms, free flowering, excellent for containers & borders etc., 30-40cm tall
Cosmea Dazzler A crimson-red, large single blooms, 1m tall

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