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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Chrysanthemum Silver Princess FP compact plants, large white blooms, 30cm tall
Cineraria Silver Dust A (Maritima) silver-grey foliage ideal for front bedding, 15cm tall
Clarkia Double Choice Mix A a good mixture of most shades, 60cm tall
Clary Monarch AD good mix, long lasting, ideal for cut flower & dried work, 70cm tall
Cleome Color Fountain Mix A 4 bright colours, 1m tall
Cleome Rose Queen A rose coloured flowers, strong scent, 1m tall
Climbing Plants Mix A a mixture of climbing plants, ideal for Summer blooms
Cobaea Scandens Mix AC a mixture of purple & white, a vigorous climber, ideal for any trellis or frame
Cobaea Scandens Purple AC large purple blooms, ideal for any trellis or frame
Cobaea Scandens White AC less often seen than the purple, longer stems, ideal for any trellis or frame
Coleus Black Dragon GP red & black foliage with pink centres, ideal for beds etc. 30cm tall
Coleus Rainbow New Masterblend Mix GP a blend of outstanding colours, medium height, good sized leaves
Conservation Mix Beetle & Insect Bank AP a mixture of grasses to form a habitat to encourage beetles & other insects
Conservation Mix Bumblebee & Butterfly Mix AP a mixture of flowers & grasses to form a habitat to attract bumblebees, butterflies & other insects
Conservation Mix Clover Mix P a mixture of red & white clover varieties, ideal for bees, butterflies & other insects, sweetly scented
Conservation Mix Pollen & Nectar Mix AP a mixture of flowers & grasses, producing a habitat to encourage butterflies, bees, other insects & birds to feed
Cordyline Indivisa P grey-green & red variegated leaf, 1m tall
Coreopsis Baby Gold P lovely single golden-yellow flowers with reddish-brown centres, good for borders, 35-45cm tall
Coreopsis Sunray P double golden-yellow flowers, 50cm tall
Coreopsis Tinctoria Mix P good strong plants, in shades of yellow, brown & red, growing up to 80cm tall
Cornfield Mix A a mixture of flowers found in cornfields
Cornflower Cornfield A blue flowers on long stems, flowering from June to August
Cornflower Double Ball Mix A large double flowers, in a mixture of colours, up to 1m tall
Cosmea Bright Lights Mix A a mixture of well formed blooms in gold, orange red and yellow shades, 90cm tall
Cosmea Candystripe A white & crimson mixture, many with contrasting egdes, splashes or flecks, ideal cut flower, 75cm tall

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