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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Penstemon Rondo Mix FP a mixture of lilac, pink, red, rose & white, ideal for front of deds, pots etc, 40cm tall
Perennials Mixture P a mixture of perennials, ideal for borders where tall plants are required
Petunia Aladdin F1 Mixture A large, wavy-edged flowers, in a good colour range, plants growing to 45cm long
Petunia Burgundy Frost A a very attractive bedding variety with a white edge and a bright red throat, 30cm tall
Petunia Can-Can F1 MIx A a frilled edge pansy, in a mixture of velvet-red, burgandy & cherry coloured flowers, with good weather resistance
Petunia Carpet F1 Mix A strong multiflora plants with single flowers, compact variety
Petunia Colorama F2 Mix A a dwarf mix, in a good colour range
Petunia Daddy Series F1 Mix A a mixture with large blooms that are veined
Petunia Dazzler F1 Mix A a mixture of different F1 hybrid varieties, in a mix of patterns, shapes & colours
Petunia Desert Skies Mix A a warm mixture of pink, red, rose, sky blue, white & yellow colours
Petunia Duo Double Mix A multiflora mixture, early flowering, with good weather resistance
Petunia Fantasy Mix A small flowered mixture, bred for pots and baskets, 30cm plants
Petunia Forest Fruits Mix A a mixture of veined flowers in burgundy, purple & red, excellent for small beds etc.
Petunia Garden Party Mix A British-bred, weather tolerant, large flowers in a wide range of colours, 30cm tall
Petunia Pendula Mix A a mixture of open-pollunated plants, ideal for any use
Petunia Pretty Ice Mix A a mixture
Petunia Prism Sunshine F1 A yellow flowered grandiflora variety, retains colour all season
Petunia Razzle Dazzle F1 A grandiflora variety, a mixture with striped and bi-colours
Petunia Ruby Wedding F1 A a lovely bedding plant with rich ruby-red blooms
Petunia Supercascade F1 Single A a mixture with single flowers, ideal for hanging baskets & tubs
Phlox Decussata Mix P mixture of colours with large heads, ideal for cutting, 60-90cm tall
Phlox Extra Dwarf Beauty Mix A large blooms, bushy plants, 20cm tall
Phlox Twinkle Star Mix A dwarf mixture, with star-shaped flowers, 20cm tall
Physalis Edulis PC (Cape Gooseberry) green-leaved climber with edible yellow fruit in the right conditions
Polyanthus Exhibition Giant Mix P good mixture of colours, ideal for bedding, pots etc

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