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FastraX perennials will all bloom in the first year
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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Petunia Supercascade F1 Single A a mixture with single flowers, ideal for hanging baskets & tubs
Phlox Decussata Mix P mixture of colours with large heads, ideal for cutting, 60-90cm tall
Phlox Extra Dwarf Beauty Mix A large blooms, bushy plants, 20cm tall
Phlox Twinkle Star Mix A dwarf mixture, with star-shaped flowers, 20cm tall
Poppy - Nudicaule Princess Caroline P lovely shell-pink flowers, with dark centres, 30-40cm tall
Poppy - Oriental Allegro P Huge scarlet blooms, 40cm plus tall.
Poppy - Paeoniflorum Black Paeony A deepest maroon, large double flowers, 80cm tall
Poppy - Rhoeas Shirley Double Mix A large double flowers, good range of colours and shades, 60cm tall
Poppy - Somniferum Giganteum Mix PD a mixture of colours with frilled edges, Largest podded form
Poppy - Somniferum Hen & Chickens PD grown for their unusual seed pods, excellent for drying
Primrose Vulgaris P (native wild primrose) yellow with deeper centre
Primula Auricula Mix P rockery mixture, rich colour range, 20cm tall
Primula Denticulata GP drumstick type in a mixture of colours, 30cm tall
Primula Vialli P pointed heads with deep red buds opening to pink flowers on 40cm stems
Pyrethrum Robinsons Mix P single, giant flowers in a mixture of colours, 75cm tall
Red Hot Poker Perpetual Early Mix P an early flowering mixture, several colours, 1m tall
Rudbeckia Autumn Colours Mix AB vivid range of colours, all with a red ring & rusty red centres,colours include golds & yellows, 50-60cm tall
Rudbeckia Giant Tetra Double AB deep golden-yellow flowers, 75cm tall
Rudbeckia Goldstrum P golden yellow with dark centres, 60cm tall
Rudbeckia Green Wizard P strong bright green sepals, dark cones, 1.5m tall
Rudbeckia Marmalade AB golden orange flowers, 55cm tall
Rudbeckia Purple P (purpurea) purple-crimson flowers, with orange centres, 1m tall
Rudbeckia Rustic Dwarf Mix AB a mixture of bronze, gold & mahogany, 55cm tall
Rudbeckia Toto Mix AB a mixture comprising lemon, gold, rustic orange, very weather tolerant, long flowering, 30-38cm tall
Rudbeckia White Swan P (purpurea) white flowers with green-yellow centres, 60cm tall

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