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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Morning Glory Grandpa Ott AC dark purple flowers with a red star in the centres
Morning Glory Heavenly Blue AC clear sky blue flowers
Morning Glory Mix AC mixture of colours in blues, reds and blotched etc.
Morning Glory Scarlet O Hara AC deep wine-red flowers
Morning Glory Star of the Yelta AC flowers are purple with crimson stripes, flowers all summer, 100cm tall
Morning Glory Sunrise Serenade AC ruffled, semi double blooms of cherry red colour, a vigorous climber
Nasturtium Alaska A a variegated form with mottled leaves of light green and white, flowers in red shades, 30cm tall
Nasturtium Dwarf Varieties Mix A a mix of dwarf varieties
Nasturtium Empress of India A crimson-scarlet flowers with dark leaves, 40cm tall
Nasturtium Gleam Hybrids Mix A semi-double flowers, in a bright blend of colours
Nasturtium Jewel Mix A dwarf plants, with double flowers in an excellent colour range
Nasturtium Out of Africa Mix A a trailing variety with mottled foliage, a nice mixture in cream, peach, red and yellow, 1.5m tall
Nasturtium Tall Single Mix A very prolific, trailing, in a wide colour range
Nasturtium Whirlybird Mix A semi-double blooms held above foliage, ideal for baskets
Nemesia Carnival Mix A a mixture of large flowers, 25cm tall
Nemesia Galaxy Mix A compact mixture of free-flowering plants, in a good range of colours, 25cm tall
Nicotiana Affinis A pure white, sweetly scented, 60cm tall
Nicotiana Avalon F1 Mix A outstanding uniformed plants in a mixture of 7 colours, some star shaped, 20cm tall
Nicotiana Lime Green A greeny-yellow flowers, 60cm tall
Nicotiana Only the Lonely A long tubular white flowers, fragrant all Summer, 1.5m tall
Nicotiana Perfumed Mix A a profusion of upward facing blooms, excellent for landscaping or borders, highly perfumed, 60cm tall
Nicotiana Sensation Mix A a scented mixture, of 60cm tall plants
Night Scented Stock Night Scented Stock A pale lilac, scented blooms, 40cm tall
Pansy Aquarelle F1 B a wonderful mix of large flowers, many shades, some veined, breathtaking colours.
Pansy Early Giants Mix B a good mixture with medium sized heads

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