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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Sidalcea Party Girl FP bright pink flowers, ideal cut flower, 1m tall
Statice Blue River AD deep blue flowers, early flowering, very good dried flower, 50cm tall
Statice Sunburst Pastel Mix AD a good mixture, ideal for fresh & dried flower, 75-90cm tall
Statice Sunset Mix AD a mixture of orange, rose, apricot & peach shades, 75cm
Statice Supreme Mix AD early flowering mixture, excellent dried flower, 70-90cm tall
Stock Brompton Lady Mix B Winter-flowering mixture, with dense blooms, 45cm tall
Stock Night Scented A (Matthoila Bicornis) pale lilac, scented blooms, 40cm tall
Stock Ten Week Mix A dwarf mixture, with large double blooms, 25-30cm tall
Stock Virginian Mix A single flowered mixture, sweetly scented, 20cm tall
Sunflower Autumn Beauty Mix A a mixture of red, orange & yellow colours, 150cm tall
Sunflower Big Smile A dwarf variety, large golden-yellow flowers with black centres, 35cm high
Sunflower Cutting Gold A yellow flowers with black centres, a non-branching variety, ideal for cutting, 1.5metres tall
Sunflower Cutting Mix A a mixture of different varieties, ideal for cutting
Sunflower Giant Yellow A traditional bright yellow sunflower, 2-3m tall
Sunflower Holiday A very large flowers of yellow, with reddish centres, multi-flowering variety, and ideal for cutting, 1.2metres high
Sunflower Ring of Fire A a good bi-colour with deep-red petals, becoming golden-yellow at the tips, excellent for cutting, 120cm tall
Sunflower Solara A early, uniformed variety, with golden-yelllow petals, and a dark centre, with pollen-free flowers, ideal for cutting, 1.5metres tall
Sunflower Soraya A 10-15cm flowers, with orange petals & dark centres, 1.8m tall, with a branching habit, stands well
Sunflower Superted A golden yellow, fully double flower, pollen-free, good for cutting, 160cm tall
Sunflower Teddy Bear A golden-yellow, double flowers on branching plants, 40cm tall
Sweet Pea Adam Philip AC a very nice deep-blue perfumed flower
Sweet Pea Alan Titchmarsh AC pale pink & cream, scented flowers
Sweet Pea Beaujolais AC deep burgundy-maroon scented flowers, a spencer variety
Sweet Pea Blue Velvet AC dark blue, good scent & stems, a spencer variety
Sweet Pea Brian Haynes A lavender flecked on white, with good long stems & with a good perfume

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