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FastraX perennials will all bloom in the first year
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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Sweet Pea Winston Churchill AC crimson, scented flowers, a spencer variety
Sweet Pea Winter Elegance AC 1st true Winter-flowering mix, sow early Autumn to flower Spring
Sweet William Indian Carpet Mix B a mixture of bright colours, a dwarf variety only 15cm tall
Sweet William New Early Market Mix B excellent mixture in a good colour range, good for cutting, 45cm tall
Sweet William Super Double Mix B a good mixture, with a high proportion of double flowers, 50cm tall
Tagetes Golden Gem A dainty star-like golden-yellow blooms, 20cm tall
Tagetes Ke-Dor Mix A a mixture of the full range of colours, 20-25cm tall
Tagetes Lemon Gem A large bright lemon-yellow blooms, 20cm tall
Tagetes Paprika A nice flowers with red petals and a gold edge
Tagetes Starfire Mix A good mixture, including bicolours, 20cm tall
Thymophylla Tenuiloba A yellow trailing flowers, ideal hanging baskets, pots or bedding
Thymus Serpyllum FP creeping, aromatic purple scented blooms, 10cm tall
Verbascum Phoeniceum Hybrids Mix FP a mixture of pink, purple & white flowers, 1m tall
Verbena Bonariensis P lovely clusters of purple-lavender flowers on tall wiry stems of 1.25m, a dramatic border plant
Verbena Imagination A intense violet-blue flowers, trailing habit, ideal for pots & baskets
Verbena Quartz Mix A a mixture of bright colours, most having a white eye, easy to germinate, 30cm tall
Viola - large flowered Large Flowered Mix B a good mixture, including named varieties
Viola - large flowered Scottish F2 Mix B a vigorous mixture, in a very good range of colours
Viola - small flowered Black Velvet B small black flowers, each with a tiny yellow eye
Viola - small flowered Doreens Sensation Mix B a mixture of sweet-scented flowers, excellent for beds, rockeries etc.
Wallflower Blood Red B deep blood-crimson flowers, 40cm tall
Wallflower Cloth of Gold B rich golden-yellow flowers, 40cm tall
Wallflower Fair Lady Mix B a mixture of colours, 30cm tall
Wallflower Golden Bedder B deep golden-yellow flowers, 25cm tall
Wallflower Harlequin Mix B clear, bi-colour & pastel mixture, compact plants, 30-35cm tall

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