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NameVarietyKeyDescriptionProduct details
Statice Sunset Mix AD a mixture of orange, rose, apricot & peach shades, 75cm
Statice Supreme Mix AD early flowering mixture, excellent dried flower, 70-90cm tall
Stock Brompton Lady Mix B Winter-flowering mixture, with dense blooms, 45cm tall
Stock Night Scented A (Matthoila Bicornis) pale lilac, scented blooms, 40cm tall
Stock Ten Week Mix A dwarf mixture, with large double blooms, 25-30cm tall
Stock Virginian Mix A single flowered mixture, sweetly scented, 20cm tall
Sunflower Autumn Beauty Mix A a mixture of red, orange & yellow colours, 150cm tall
Sunflower Big Smile A dwarf variety, large golden-yellow flowers with black centres, 35cm high
Sunflower Cutting Mix A a mixture of different varieties, ideal for cutting
Sunflower Giant Yellow A traditional bright yellow sunflower, 2-3m tall
Sunflower Holiday A very large flowers of yellow, with reddish centres, multi-flowering variety, and ideal for cutting, 1.2metres high
Sunflower Ring of Fire A a good bi-colour with deep-red petals, becoming golden-yellow at the tips, excellent for cutting, 120cm tall
Sunflower Soraya A 10-15cm flowers, with orange petals & dark centres, 1.8m tall, with a branching habit, stands well
Sunflower Super Ted A golden yellow, fully double flower, ideal for cutting, 160cm tall
Sunflower Teddy Bear A golden-yellow, double flowers on branching plants, 40cm tall
Sweet Pea Adam Philip AC a very nice deep-blue perfumed flower
Sweet Pea Banty AC rose pink, with an outstanding perfume
Sweet Pea Beaujolais AC deep burgundy-maroon scented flowers, a spencer variety
Sweet Pea Blue Velvet AC dark blue, good scent & stems, a spencer variety
Sweet Pea Candy King A new, highly scented, producing large, deep pink on white flowers, and strong stems, a real beauty, ideal for cutting
Sweet Pea Carol Klein A a lovely dark mauve colour, with a strong scent and long stems, good for exhibitions
Sweet Pea Champagne Bubbles A ruffled salmon pink on cream, highly scented
Sweet Pea Charlies Angels AC lavender-blue perfumed flowers, on good stems, excellent for cutting
Sweet Pea Cuthbertsons Mix AC a mixture of good sized & well-perfumed flowers, from the breeders of the original sweet peas,
Sweet Pea Dawn AC stunning blue-mauve, exotic perfume, excellent for cutting & exhibition

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